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Windows NT 4.0 09.17.2009
Windows 2000 09.17.2009
Windows 2000 x64 07.09.2007
Windows XP 09.17.2009
Windows XP x64 09.17.2009
Windows Server 2003 09.17.2009
Windows Server 2003 x64 09.17.2009
Windows Vista 09.17.2009
Windows Vista x64 09.17.2009
Windows 7 09.17.2009
Windows 7 x64 09.17.2009

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Installs the Intel® Management Engine Interface driver version The Intel® Management Engine provides thermal management for Intel® Desktop Boards. The Intel® ME is the interface between the Intel® Management Engine firmware and the host.

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Ian(beginner) 5 years ago 
It says that my computer does not meet minimum requirements.
agthorn(beginner) 5 years ago 
I can't complete the action as I got 'this computer does not meet the minimum requirements'. I'm using Lenovo Thinkpad T500 (Win7). What should I do?
Guest #25553367(beginner) 6 years ago
Extract using 7zip; then "start menu", run, devmgmt.msc, "system device", "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface", update driver, "browse my computer for driver software", input the extract path then next.
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